Signs of Progress

What is MOBIX?

MOBIX is a powerful, smart technology platform delivering Video Relay Services (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), and Integrated Multimedia Messaging services and connecting the members of the Deaf and Hard Hearing Community with the rest of society.

That is, MOBIX offers the all-in-one package for:


  • Request sign language interpretation on-demand
  • Send or receive text, audio, and video messaging
  • Have access to remote translation of a conversation in place
  • Use any device: smartphone, tablet or traditional computer

Service Operators

  • Service statistics
  • Financial reporting, and billing
  • Manage call center infrastructure
  • Service provisioning: subscription and interpreters’ scheduling
  • Service monitoring

Service Architecture


What We Offer

MOBIX Advantages - Our Value


We design, develop, and support a solution fully customized with the needs, color theme, and logos of your organization.

Multimedia Communication

Users can send and receive audio, video and text messages.


All-in-one streamlined solution for users, interpreters and administrators.

No Proprietary Device

Available for Android, iOS, and PCs and Macs via web browsers


Interpreters can use vocal speech to directly increase efficiency in translation relay.

Resources Monitoring

Administrators have access to comprehensive statistical reports on usage, traffic, financials and billing data.


Countrywide voice interpretation system developed
for The Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ).
KONTAKT was developed and deployed by E-Group in 2013-2014.

About Us

E-Group (Est.1993) is a software group specialized in information security, secure
financial payment transactions, and smart multimedia messaging products and services. E-Group has unique cryptographic data security and communication solutions for large corporate and special government services sectors where confidentiality of information really matters.

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